How to have an ORGASM!

Orgasms range in intensity from a sweet ripple of pleasure around the genitals to a roaring, curling wave of energy through the entire body. Every orgasm is a duet of tension and relaxation: a combination of striving and letting go, of making it happen and letting it happen.

Many women have trouble achieving orgasm, or are unsure whether they have orgasms. If you have never had an orgasm, or want to experience stronger orgasms, here are ❤10 SEXY TIPS to get you started.

1. GET TO KNOW YOUR GENITALS -> Looking at and developing an appreciation of one’s own pussy can help liberate us from sexual shame. To identify an orgasm, get to know those muscles! Flex your PCmuscles by pretending to stop the flow of urine. You are tightening and releasing the same muscles that involuntarily contract and release when you come.

❤ 2. PRIORITIZE YOUR OWN SELF-PLEASURE -> Set aside time to masturbate on a regular basis. No one can do this for you! Masturbating teaches us how we like to be touched and what gets our juices flowing, whether it leads to orgasm or not. Practicing getting aroused is the surest way to learn techniques that can help break new sexual ground, both alone and with a partner. Masturbating builds sexual confidence. If you need some encouragement, try a book like Sex for One, or if you need inspiration, try reading some erotica.

3. RELAX -> Overall relaxation helps in the beginning. you are looking to build up sexual tension, so set aside the tensions of daily life. Banish thoughts about the dishes in the sink. Take a warm bath with some bubbles or do whatever you need to do to feel completely at ease. This will help you be present in your body and attentive to its responses.

4. TRY MASTURBATING AT DIFFERENT TIMES OF THE DAY -> If you try coming only at night, after a long, stressful day and two stiff drinks, you are less likely to get to know the nuances of your desires. You can add a mini vibrator like the Panty Vibrator in your briefcase and slip away from work for a mid-day romp.

5. GET TURNED ON -> Explore your erotic mind by reading sexy fiction, watching explicit movies or sexting that partner you fancy and creating the fantasy of your own. Ask yourself, “What makes me wet?” Revel and indulge in the answer.

6. EXPERIMENT -> Try rubbing your clit using different motions: stop and start, left and right, around the clock. Pay attention to what feels good and do more of that.

7. BREATHE -> Take deep breaths so you can move the sexual energy throughout your body. You can also help further your arousal by breathing deeply, rather than holding your breath as you get closer to coming.

8. ADD A VIBRATOR -> Sometimes a vibrator can carry on where a tired hand or tongue cannot. The steady buzz of a good vibrator on or around the clitoris can solve one common problem, insufficient clitoral stimulation. The Emma Wand, Alice Rabbit Vibrator and Womanizer Liberty – Clit Stimulator are three of our favorites for powerful and varied stimulation.

9. MAKE NOISE -> Don’t be afraid to move, rock, grunt, scream, and cry during sex. You are seeking total release, so get used to reactions you might have when you lose control. Be silly! Be loud! Let yourself go.

10. TEASE YOURSELF -> When you hit a plateau of sexual tension, back away from it, breathe deeply, then start again. The sexual energy can build in cycles, each more intense than the last. Take your time and remember to keep breathing. Consistent, deep breathing helps with relaxation, holding your breath can forestall coming.

🔥Key Tip – ask yourself what makes you all hot and all bothered.. and let the imagination go wild..

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