Fine Art of Female Multiple Orgasms or – Keep- em comin!

Orgasms feel great, no lie. So once you have had one, who wouldn’t want another?

But just how do you get from your first orgasm to your second, and third, and fourth? It might take a lot of practice, but if you’re willing to put in the time, we’re happy to pass along a few tips.

First, if you’ve never had an orgasm, head to How to Have an Orgasm to get you started. Then come back when you’re ready for more!

❤ 1. TAKE ONE. GO AHEAD, HAVE AN ORGASM -> However you usually do it. After all, it takes that first one to have multiple female orgasms.

❤ 2. DON’T STOP THERE -> The key to female multiple orgasms is keeping your level of excitement high! if you become less aroused, it will take you longer to have a second orgasm. This means you should continue clitoral stimulation (or whatever it was that made you come so hard the first time) after your first orgasm.

❤ 3. GET SENSITIVE -> Many women find their clits become extra sensitive after orgasm; if you want to have multiple female orgasms, you need to keep up the stimulation (see #2!), but you don’t want to do anything that hurts. This is a great time to mix things up, and don’t forget to use lots of a slick lube. Have your lover use their tongue, try touching your clit in a different spot or through the lips of your labia, or go directly to #4…

4. USE A TOY -> Obviously we’re big fans of sex toys, but we have to say they are one of the best ways to keep coming and coming. If you really want to experience female multiple orgasms, get a toy. Strong vibrators, that can be programmed to respond to your personal needs. Consistent, powerful vibrations are just the thing to take you right over the top, again and again.

5. SQUEEZE YOUR WAY -> Even if your body is feeling extra sensitive, a few well-timed kegel clenches might be just the thing to catapult you into female multiple orgasms. After you have your first orgasm (or during, if you can manage it), start to tense and release your PC (pubococcygeal) muscles while you continue to touch your clit. Because it is the contraction of your PC muscles that help make orgasms happen, your conscious activation of them can easily cause an avalanche of female multiple orgasms in response. Plus, the stronger your PC muscles, the stronger your orgasms.

6. DO IT TOGETHER -> Put your partner in charge. Hand them the toys, lay down, and let them ease you right into a slew of female multiple orgasms. Letting go of control and resisting the urge to say Stop, I’ve had enough, when you usually do might be all it takes to get over the hump.

7. ENJOY -> It goes without saying that getting there is the best part. Even if you don’t have female multiple orgasms, the pleasure of learning more about your body, communicating with your partner and oh yeah, all the individual orgasms you’re having along the way are more than worth the effort.

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